Meet the Founder, Sheralla Shaw, MBA

Sheralla Shaw is a Michigan native who holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and MBA in Operations Management. Sheralla relocated from Michigan to Alabama in 2008 for work. During her time in management, she observed parents having to leave work abruptly using their paid vacation time to transport their children from one location to another.

She thought to herself, “it would be nice if parents could save their vacation time for a memorable family vacation; if only parents had someone to pick up their children.” This common occurrence inspired Sheralla to start My Kiddie Cab upon her retirement. Sheralla wanted to be of service to busy parents, affording them quality time with their little ones. She had the thought of supporting parents with a children’s transportation service, and My Kiddie Cab came to life.

My Kiddie Cab is a transportation service that will pick your children up from home, transport them to school, pick them up from school, and take them to after school activities. There are also door to door transportation options.

Parents and children can feel safe riding with My Kiddie Cab as our drivers go through a thorough background check including but not limited to criminal history, sexual offences, years of DMV records, and random drug testing.

Parents are invited to a shared app to follow their child while in route to the desired destination.

Sheralla is wildly excited to know that she can help relieve the stress of parents wondering how they will navigate through their child’s transportation challenges.

Thank you, in advance, for allowing My Kiddie Cab to provide transportation service for your child